Sunday, 14 September 2008

Out and about in the SUN !!

A glorious weekend here on the Llyn (raining again now sadly) encouraged Sue and I out with our visitor from Calderdale Edie Jolley to show her some of the wildlife and scenery of the area. Our best spot of the weekend was a young Slow worm we spotted on a track on the side of Garn Fadryn. It was busy sunning itself on the road edge and after we took its photo we removed it to safety on the verge, just in time as it happens as a car came along seconds later. Second best sighting was a large Gold Ringed Dragonfly we found munching away on a fly it had caught on a track up from the beach near Edern.
We took a trip up to view Bardsey island from the the headland at Myndd Mawr and luckily on the way down spotted some Choughs for Edie to bag on her first visit. We also had Raven and Buzzard over the weekend. We had some cracking walks around the area, saw some marvelous wildife and best of all shared some sunshine & scenery with good friends.

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