Friday, 15 August 2008

Maya 1993-2008

Some photos of our beloved old Springer Spaniel , Maya who sadly died after only two months in her new home on the Llyn. At least her last couple of months were spent in the lanes and on the beaches she had enjoyed over the last three years of our visits to the Llyn. Maya came to us at the advanced age of nine from Springer Spaniel Rescue and despite not having much of a life before she quickly took to long walks, swims and the out door life in general, chasing seagulls and ducks was her second favorite occupation after eating ! For an old dog she discovered how to be an overgrown pup again and spent hours hill walking with Sue and I even though it took some weeks for her pads to harden up so that she could walk comfortably. She also learned how to swim by the simple method of jumping in the local canal in pursuit of ducks. Her swimming grew increasingly strong as we discovered when she swam out into the bay at Criccieth on one of our first visits to the Llyn. She was hot pursuit of some seagulls she felt sure she could catch if only she could swim out a little further ! We knew she had reached an advanced age at 15, but hoped the sea air on the Llyn could give her a few more years yet, sadly it was not to be, but at least she enjoyed life and the Llyn to the very end.

Gone but not forgotton, Maya... March 1993- August 2008

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Nick Carter said...

Springers are amazing dogs, we used to have one, bloody near wore us out! Sorry to hear of your loss especially so soon after starting a "new" life in Wales, don't let it knock you back.