Saturday, 23 August 2008

Along the Coast above Nefyn

Sue and I had a superb walk in some welcome Sunshine on Thursday. A Coolish breeze kept the temperatures down somewhat but nevertheless it as one of the warmer days in this misrable summer so far.

We found a nice large patch of Butterwort sp. My botanical skills are not up to identifying this one for certain but we think its common Butterwort. I have only seen this in one small patch in my home area of Calderdale but we found an area of seepage on the seashore which contained dozens of plants.

For once there were quite a variety of insects about and we found some huge (body length on around 1 inch !) what we think were a type of Ichneumons feeding on an umberllifer. They are possibly the largest Ichneumons we have ever seen and they presumably are parasitic on largish lepidoptera caterpillars.

We also saw various individuals of what I belive are type of Hoverfly called Helophilus but I am not able to definately ID to species for certain from the photos and I did not wish to take and kill a specimen simply to satisfy my curiosity.

Lots of birds around as usual but until I get my Digital SLR set and working I have no chance with the point and snap digital we use for close ups of plants and insects of getting any decent bird photos.
Photos from top down
1& 2 the Hoverfly
3&4 the Ichneumons
5&6 Butterwort

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