Monday, 28 July 2008

This Weekends Heatwave

Lots of interesting insects and birds around this weekend, mainly spotted on the coast or Garn Fadryn whilst trying to get some breeze to cool off !
Garden Tigers (top two photos)keep arriving at the tiny actinic trap in the garden of my caravan most nights. Next photo show a Bee Moth (Aphomia sociella), they feed as caterpillars inside bee and wasp nests and can be a pest of bee hives. Seems to be quite common of the Llyn as I record them most nights. Next photo shows a pair of Gatekeeper butterflies in cop. This species is one of the most common species seen around the peninsular so far this summer whilst out walking and cycling.
Most spectacular bird sighting of the weekend was very close views of a Merlin as it flew alongside our car on the road up to Garn Fadryn village. We also had close views of Ravens feeding on a recently deceased Sheep carcase in a field below Garn Fadryn


AndyC said...

Hey up Paul,hope all is well in the Llyn

Nick Carter said...

Hi Paul Only just discovered you've set this blog up, regards from a p*ss wet through halifax!

Nick Carter said...

Can I put a link to it on Calderbirds? will help some of your old mates up here keep in touch.