Sunday, 6 July 2008

Ringed Plovers

We have been watching several Ringed Plovers on the beach at Nefyn most mornings since the beginning of June when we first moved to the area. One pair in particular caught our eye as they obviously had young on the beach, they did the usual "broken wing" flutter to try and draw us away from the young on different areas of the beach most mornings. We eventually spotted two very small chicks running amongst the pebbles as the adults tried to draw us away. Over the last month we have watched the one surviving chick getting bigger and its now hard to tell from the adults, except in its seeming inability to fly yet. Sue and I found the fact the Ringed Plovers would breed on such a public beach amazing enough, but for at least one chick to survive not only gulls, people and dogs but the awful storms and rain we have had over late June and now July even more amazing !

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