Thursday, 24 July 2008

Llwyndyrys and Penllech butterflies and moths

At last some summer weather to boost the butterfly and moth sightings! Our time is mostly spent between a coastal location (Penllech, Llangwnnadl) and woodland (Llwyndyrys, near Llithfaen) when we are in Llyn. In the week so far we have seen the following butterflies at the Llwyndyrys woods:

  • Small skipper

  • Red Admiral

  • Green-veined white

  • Large white

  • Comma

  • Speckled wood

  • Meadow brown

  • Ringlet

At Penllech, on the coast, the focus has mostly been on the moths, with a 15W actinic Skinner trap run on several evenings near the cliff-top. Not having a systematic list here I apologise for using only the English names of the moths found so far:

  • Six-spot Burnet (day-time on cliffs)

  • Drinker

  • Chinese character

  • Buff arches

  • Grass emerald

  • Single-dotted wave

  • Riband wave

  • Flame carpet

  • Red twin-spot carpet

  • Shaded broad-bar

  • Common carpet

  • Purple bar

  • Barred straw

  • July highflyer

  • Sharp-angled carpet

  • Sandy carpet

  • Clouded border

  • Brimstone moth

  • Early thorn

  • Scalloped oak

  • Yellow-tail

  • Dingy footman

  • Common footman

  • Garden tiger

  • Ruby tiger

  • Heart and dart

  • Crescent dart

  • Dark sword-grass

  • Flame shoulder

  • Large yellow underwing

  • Lesser broad-bordered yellow underwing

  • True lover's knot

  • Ingrailed clay

  • Bright-line brown-eye

  • Broad-barred white

  • Lychnis

  • Brown-line bright-eye

  • Clay

  • Smoky wainscot

  • Shark

  • Dark arches

  • Light arches

  • Common rustic agg

  • Uncertain
  • Rustic
  • Mottled rustic

  • Pale mottled willow

  • Gold spot

  • Dark spectacle

  • Fan-foot

Hopefully the weather will keep up for the next few days too!

PS The pictures show, in order, the Small skipper, Drinker, Gold spot and Six-spot burnet

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Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Simon
Nice photos ! I have been unable to do any entomology for a few days due to work and visitors :-((