Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Hooded Crow

I spotted this Hoodie on the golf course at Morfa Nefyn yesterday. Not very good photos due the sea fret rolling in at the time and the fact that the bird would not let me get close to it. I suspect this particualr bird had wandered across from Ireland.

The hooded crow is closely related to the carrion crow, which until recently was regarded as the same species. In areas where the two species overlap there may be some interbreeding with hybrids showing a mixed grey and black body plumage. Like carrion crows, hoodies also feed on dead animals. Unlike crows they can be more sociable in the feeding habits and groups of them may be seen together in fields.Found in N and W Scotland, N Ireland and on the Isle of Man, where it replaces the carrion crow. Outside the breeding season it is found across the breeding range and is also found, but scarce in E Scotland and even rarer down the eastern side of England.

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