Saturday, 14 August 2010


Lots of butterflies around on Lon Cae Glas near Edern Post Office on our walk this morning. A lovely sunny morning with a quite brisk NNW wind blowing, but the Clawdds were sheltered by vegetation from the worst of the wind. If you are out seeking reptiles or insects the lane makes a superb walk on most days with some sunshine. The vegetation is always varied and this in turn attracts a lot of insects to feed and breed. As the invertebrate biomass is high so are the numbers birds and reptiles that feed on them.

This morning we spotted literally dozens of butterflies of many species along with only our second sighting of Dark Green Fritillary on the Peninsula this year. Common Blues both male and female were around in good numbers feeding on various flowers. Gate Keepers were as usual very abundant all along the lane. We also spotted a few Small Tortoiseshells along with Large Whites, Green Veined White, the Wall, Hedge Browns, Small Copper, Speckled Wood and one very skittish Dark Green Fritillary we were unable to photograph as it kept low in the vegetation, only moving if we approached too close. We also had good close views of a Southern Hawker Dragonfly or at least thats what we think it is ?

A superb August morning walk along the lane produced several Common Lizard sightings (see earlier post) numerous butterflies, several Shieldbugs, a lovely example of “Robins Pin Cushion Gall” on wild rose, a few Bloody Nosed beetles and a nice flock or around 30 Curlews, not bad for an hour long stroll in some of the most beautiful scenery in Britain !

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