Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Oil Beetles

The Llyn Peninsular is home to some of Britain's fast declining beetle Oil beetle population. Fortunately here on the Pen Llyn at least they seem to be about in some numbers with several individuals of Meloe proscarabeus (Black Oil Beetle) and Meloe violaceus (Violet Oil Beetle) recorded from scattered parts of the Pen Llyn whilst out cycling in April.

Meloe proscarabeus is the most common of the two but I have found both species in cop so both are confirmed as breeding in the area. Despite the common names of Black Oil beetle and Violet Oil beetle the colour is not confirmation of species as both species can occur in both colours ! The records I have from this year will be passed onto the Invertebrate Conservation Trust (Buglife) who are running an Oil beetle survey. Details can be found at

The happy couple shown in cop are the less common Meloe violaceus (Violet Oil Beetle)

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